Hello nawtabeings!

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Who are we, you might ask! We interview people who are working on a creative process and can shape it with words. Nawta is a site, a channel, a space to start the creaversation, the creative conversation. We do not have deadlines or schedules. We take our time and enjoy the creative game. The conversations, the interviews, are cooked over low heat.
We interview creative minds from every area and the settings are casual, like life itself, fortuitous and global. The common theme is creativity, to reclaim our own time for creation, the creative outburst in every field. Unlike other interviews, we do not take the lead, and we don’t aim to promote people in a direct manner.

The Nawta project believes there is another path, a calmer one, where quality is more important than quantity. We believe that you need to take your time to digest the stories to be able to share them with a more conscious approach. We believe that inspiration comes from anywhere, but the mind has to be calm and far from today’s many digital distractions.

We are not automatons, we are creative beings. We only need to be reminded. That’s all. Nawta invites you to embark on the journey back to being those kids who were amazed by everything, bursting with creativity when we could get our hands on time, a piece of paper, a camera with a roll of film…

We admire and yearn for the creative being, and we search for it everywhere, in every field. We identify with the slow movement, but we are digital because it is the best platform to reach every part of the world and find you. We also feel overwhelmed by the overabundance of information on the Internet, the obligation to be formal.

We invite you to join our first Creaversation! Rebeca Khamlichi received Nawta in her roof…