Leandro Fest: Mate tea, rock and learning

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I will never forget Leandro’s answer when I suggested we should have a conversation on his creative process: “It seems fun!” I think he understood right from the beginning that what we wanted was to play, experiment and peek into his world through a tiny peephole.

Leandro came to my house one morning with his flask of mate tea. After many weeks trying to set a date and time, we had finally met. But he needed to heat the water for his mate and with a nervous look on his face he scanned my kitchen… “But, where do you boil your water?”.

I don’t think he was very happy when I told him I didn’t have a kettle and that we would have to wait for the water to boil in a little pan. Sitting at a play park he told me that, in spite of being Argentinian, he never liked mate. But a few years ago, during his stay in Spain and living as road manager with the musician Yayo Cáceres, he almost became addicted to it.

There, in that little park, he told me about his father’s death and the year he spent in a wheelchair. On how he would stay in bed at 4 am thinking he wanted to get up, go to the nearest shop and buy an ice-cream, and how not being able frustrated him.

Leandro Fest is a nomad, a man who by walking has learned to love the wounds in his feet and turn them into the lyrics –in Spanish, English or German– of his songs.

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