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An Earth Man thinks: “In that picture, color does not exist, really. A scientist can prove that color is only the way the cells are placed in a certain material to reflect light. Therefore, color is not really an actual part of things I happen to see.” A Martian, far cleverer, would say: “This is a fine picture. It came from the hand and the mind of a man inspired. Its idea and its color are from life. This thing is good.” Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles





We are already formal. We take ourselves very seriously. We assert facts with utter conviction. We seem confident. We hide our weaknesses. We have targets, goals, obligations. We feel guilty when we slow down. We are professionals. We are always moving.

Many years ago we had to choose between the kid and the adult, and we saw ourselves forced to choose the latter. We knew the kid would yell and sulk, and would never leave our inner adult survive. So we decided to isolate it. Far, in the most hostile and remote place we could think of: Mars. Alone, unable to share games and ideas with anyone, the kid has spent these last years.

If you believe the moment has come, it is about time that kid came back.

Today, in the midst of a global financial and values crisis, when speed and the excess of information haunt us, we started to think that maybe we made the wrong decision. We were taught that the force of habit and the established order were stronger than creativity.

Now, we don’t think that is true. Maybe there is another path, a calmer one, where quality is more important than quantity, where we take our time to digest the stories to be able to share them with a more conscious approach. Where we don’t have to be automatons.




  1. We propose a trip through the inner kid of every human being to discover our creative side.
  2. We embark on this trip from the liberty of playing with an open mind. We are allowed to make mistakes and we are proud of the errors that arise from that game.
  3. Serendipity is at the heart of this game/conversation.
  4. We don’t judge our playmate; we don’t know where the conversation will take us.
  5. We don’t interview, this is not a one-way game. We just chat about the creative process in any field.
  6. We do not care if our playmate is famous or not. What’s important is the conversation on his or her creative process.
  7. We have no deadlines or timetables. We take our time to enjoy the creative game.
  8. We do not promote works in a direct manner.
  9. Our amusement park is the entire world.
  10. The focus of the game/conversation will never be on us.