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Nawta: We want you to join the creaversation

Nawtabe: Be Nawta, join the creaversation. Tell us who you are and how is your creative process.

Nawta has just taken its first steps. And these will come slowly because reclaiming life takes time. We interview anyone who is going through a creative process and able to express that creativity in words. Creativity can come from anywhere, which is why we welcome anyone that dedicates time to think, feel and love what they do. We want to speak to artists like painters and musicians but also, scientists, gardeners and biologists. If this sounds like you then join the creaversation!

Why now? We were tired of seeing humanity fail to generate real change. Who can we look to, to create something new? Who will build a brighter future? We were tired of the fast pace and tired of hearing people and chief editors say: “not enough clicks”. We realised that life is asking us to stop and remember that we are all creative beings. Only a few years ago, the human mind invented incredible things. It is time to walk our child back home.