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Sinti and Roma: A tale of scape

“I want a place where I can give voice to the minority”. Moritz Pankok decided to stop devising, designing and creating scenes for the best German theatres to find his origins. His childhood and his grandfather, Romany (gypsy), marked him indelibly. “The history of Sinti and…

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Creaversation with Zahara: 4th July

We met Zahara in Barrio de las Letras (Madrid). She was worried about her apartment: “It’s not perfect!”, she said. We thought it was lovely. This singer said goodbye to her record label to start a new beginning. As many other youngsters nowadays, Zahara is…

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Leandro Fest: Mate tea, rock and learning

I will never forget Leandro’s answer when I suggested we should have a conversation on his creative process: “It seems fun!” I think he understood right from the beginning that what we wanted was to play, experiment and peek into his world through a tiny…

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Rebeca Khamlichi: Tatoos, make up and canvases

Rebeca Khamlichi, the first nawta. Rebeca Khamlichi is shy. “I’m very nervous”, she says. She doesn’t stop laughing and looks at you as if you had asked something interesting. To be honest, it was easy choosing her ‘creaversation’ to launch nawta because she is a…

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Hello nawtabeings!

Who are we, you might ask! We interview people who are working on a creative process and can shape it with words. Nawta is a site, a channel, a space to start the creaversation, the creative conversation. We do not have deadlines or schedules. We…

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