Rebeca Khamlichi: Tatoos, make up and canvases

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Rebeca Khamlichi, the first nawta. Rebeca Khamlichi is shy. “I’m very nervous”, she says. She doesn’t stop laughing and looks at you as if you had asked something interesting.

To be honest, it was easy choosing her ‘creaversation’ to launch nawta because she is a clear example of what we want to transmit. Her attic in Madrid looks as if Amelie and David Lynch had designed it together. There, an old carousel horse, a barber’s chair and a glass heart locked in a cage live in harmony.

The large terrace is also filled with impossible corners –a Jurassic Park between plant pots– and fairytale characters, like her dog. “He is called Señor Antonio. Suits him. This is his life. Always lying down”, she tells us. We talk about her tattoos. She trusts the Mexican artist Chanok with the drawings on her skin.

We also talked, of course, of her hours in front of a canvas, of her obsession with colours. For the naïve, Rebeca Khamlichi and her paintings are colourful sweets that promise fantasy. But what draws our attention is what there is behind. A shady backdrop to her figures and the stories they tell.

A dark patch that cannot be seen, only felt. Many would speak of her perfect colours and the precise outline of her characters. They would also mention her manga influences and her surprising taste for copla, that Spanish popular song from the 40s, but it’s that hunch that something is not right with the characters of her paintings what makes her different.

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